Trimming the Fat

Welcome to Austerity in America. We can afford tax breaks for millionaires, but can’t afford five-day school weeks.

Steve Benen, The Washington Monthly

In this week’s Sift:

Is Obama on Our Side? What if President Obama isn’t being out-negotiated by Republicans? What if he’s getting what he wants?

The Hard Line. The Republican inclination not to compromise goes all the way down to the grass roots, where three kinds of fundamentalism are replacing the 20th-century conservative’s respect for the status quo.

What “Spending” Really Means. Cutting government spending sounds good until you have to get specific. Do we want safe food and fire engines that work?

Short Notes. Fiore’s biting animations. We had a revenue crash, not a spending orgy. New light bulbs and solar panels. The debt ceiling is constitutional. And Ohio says that poll workers don’t have to be helpful.

This Week’s Challenge. As I redesign the Weekly Sift blog, now is a good time to make your suggestions.

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