Short Notes

Mark Fiore’s animations are very sharp satires. Check out “Trickle Down Tales”. And Tom Tomorrow is pretty good today too.

Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee have put together a chart explaining what happened to the surplus in Clinton’s final budget. It’s mildly deceptive (everything except defense is adjusted for inflation and population growth), but ignoring the too-high defense number, it makes a great point: We had a revenue crash and the population got older, but there was no discretionary-spending orgy.

Last week I mentioned the possibility of Obama invoking the 14th amendment to ignore the debt ceiling. Lawrence Tribe has convinced me that’s not a legitimate option.

Slate’s tech reviewer loves the new LED light bulb. It lasts 20 years, uses about 1/5 the power, and emits the spectrum we expect from incandescents. The problem: They cost $20 each. Long-term it’s a good deal, but people aren’t used to thinking about light bulbs as investments.

What if your windows could be solar panels?

If Republican election-reform laws aren’t about suppressing legitimate votes, then why does the new Ohio law say that poll workers don’t have to direct confused voters to their correct polling places?

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