The Monday Morning Teaser

Tonight we get to find out just how bad Trump’s Supreme Court pick will be. I refuse to speculate.

The featured post is something I’ve been working on for a while. The main thesis is that we’re at a point in history where China is about to pass us in a variety of measures, and so this is the worst possible time for us to go it alone in an “America First” foreign policy. We have a few more years where we could reap some benefits by acting like the world’s 800-pound gorilla, abandoning all principles, and trashing multilateral agreements and institutions. But then we will start wishing we had those institutions and alliances to rein in China. Long-term, the only way we will be able to compete with China is by representing values that the world admires and leading a coalition of nations that share those values.

The post is called “‘America First!’ means China wins”. It should be out shortly.

The weekly summary will talk briefly about the Supreme Court (still refusing to speculate). Then I’ll discuss Scott Pruitt, the trade war, immigration, the Republican senators’ trip to Russia, the ongoing discussion of “civility”, and a few other things, before closing with a speculation that the first Hogwarts grad to headline a movie was actually not who you think.

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