The Monday Morning Teaser

It’s going to be another week where my word limit goes out the window. The featured post “Can We Overthrow the Creditocracy?” is a sort-of review of Andrew Ross’ Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal. I think the book has important ideas in it, but I found Ross’ writing style distractingly polemic and sloppy with numbers, so I recast the ideas I liked in my own way of thinking. Consequently, the “review” turned into another one of my history-of-the-world-in-one-sitting posts.

I could have compensated by cutting down the weekly summary, but I really wanted to call attention to the high quality of last week’s comments on the Charlie Hebdo article. And I had a mistake to fix, which turned out to be kind of interesting. And then there’s been actual news to comment on … you know how it goes. At least I’m not talking about 2016 this week; if only CNN could say the same.

The Creditocracy article is in that stage where it’s hard to say how long it will take to screw down the details. I’m aiming for posting in the 10-11 range, but I really have no idea. The summary should follow shortly after.

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