The Monday Morning Teaser

The Supreme Court is kind of like a college student: It procrastinates, and then in the last few days of the term it comes out with an amazing barrage of papers.

This year, they even allowed themselves a temporary incomplete. The term was supposed to end last Monday, but they extended it to Thursday. Sure enough, that’s when they announced their most important decision, the one saying that ObamaCare is constitutional.

Usually, I focus the Sift on issues that I don’t think are getting enough attention, figuring that you already hear more than enough about whatever the media has fixated on. But sometimes the media over-coverage of the Issue of the Day is so confusing and full of spin that I feel like I need to straighten it out. So this week, two of the three articles are about the Court: one about the ObamaCare decision and one about the Arizona immigration decision.

The third article is my own story of accidentally traveling without ID: “I Was Undocumented in Arizona”. (Yes, you can get through TSA without a driver’s license or passport.) That will be the first story that shows up.

I’m also trying something different this week: I’m combining the weekly summary with the Nuggets or Short Notes. I still haven’t decided whether I like the idea or not, but we’ll see how it goes.

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