Making the Day


There will not be a magic day when we wake up and it’s now OK to express ourselves publicly. We make that day by doing things publicly until it’s simply the way things are.

Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin senate candidate, on being gay in politics

In this week’s sift:

  • Nuggets of the WeekGreece, Jamie Dimon, disrespecting the president, saying “vagina” in Michigan, the end of judicial restraint, an example of American exceptionalism, and President Bush’s head on a pike.
  • If not ObamaCare, what? Either through the courts or the ballot box, Republicans mean to get rid of ObamaCare. But Mitt Romney’s plans to replace it are surprisingly thin, and the vague plans he has only look good if you’re an insurance company.
  • What senate candidates deserve your support? You can only vote for candidates in your state, but you can volunteer and give money to anybody you like. Which campaigns are the best investment of your time or money?
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  • Anonymous  On June 18, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    Doug, thanks so much for the summary of candidates deserving $$ support. This is REALLY helpful! You always do a nice job of analysis and summary, and it also helps that you explain your criteria and reasoning. – K

  • Igor  On February 1, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Zdrawejte!Moq komentar 6te e kraatk! e dano pone nqkoj da go pro4ete! knigata e towa koeto wijda 4owek w Balgaria! az ne sam 4el knigata ! no ot informaciqta ot statiqta za neq, smqtam 4e towa samata istina. Kogato 4owek jiwee6t e Balgaria s hubawi dohodi i ne si e izpatil ot gre6nite re6eniq na na6ite politici ne misli taka. Za6toto ggupa hora koito po slu4ajnost sa popadnali w parlamenta ili prawitelstwoto sas sigurnost mogat da Wi re6at sadbata kam po lo6o. Taka se polu4i i s men. No wapreki towa sam optimist.S Bojiqta pomo6t .Pozdrawi na wsi4ki

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