The Monday Morning Teaser

There are two things to know about this week’s Sift.

  • It’s not all about Trump.
  • It’s going to run a little later than usual.

I’m not going to talk a lot about the Trump indictment, because there’s not much to know yet. Reportedly, Trump will be arraigned tomorrow, and then the indictment will be unsealed. Until then, nobody really knows what the charges are or why DA Alvin Bragg thinks he can convince a jury to convict. He might have everything nailed down tight, or the case might be shaky. I could speculate, but tomorrow we’ll know. So my inclination is to wait. I’ll analyze the indictment next week.

My head is still stuck in the Nashville school shooting a week ago. And in particular, I’ve been struck by the public anger that is beginning to swell against the pro-NRA politicians who see these massacres and just shrug, like Rep. Tim Burchett from Tennessee, who went viral saying “We’re not going to fix it”, as if mass shootings were a plague from God that defies human intervention.

A few years ago, a mass shooting produced horror and sadness, but also some hope. “Maybe now everyone will see that we need to do something about guns.” But shootings keep happening, so often you’ve probably missed a bunch of them, and we now know that some people will never see. And that has produced a kind of anger I didn’t used to feel in myself or see in others.

So the featured post will be “I’m radicalizing against guns”. It will close with this point: If it really is true that the Second Amendment won’t let us do anything about our gun problem, then the Second Amendment has to be repealed.

That may seem like an impossible dream at this point. But if it’s the only way, then it will eventually happen. I don’t believe America will watch its children be massacred forever.

Anyway, that post will come out late, probably not until nearly noon EDT. The reason is that I’m in Arizona, which is on Mountain Standard Time, which matches Pacific Daylight.

Easterners may not see the weekly summary (which will mention the Trump indictment and chastise people who are taking radical positions based on almost no knowledge) until around 2.

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  • Bill Dysons  On April 3, 2023 at 10:19 am

    Hi Doug. I think you’re spot on with repealing the 2nd amendment. I think that conservatives see these shootings as the price we have to pay to have the 2nd amendment – in the same way that hate speech is the price we have to pay to have the 1st amendment. So there’s never going to be any momentum on the right for any type of gun control.

    I’m looking forward to your thoughts, as always. Keep up the good work!

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