The Monday Morning Teaser

After a long wait, it looks like Trump is about to be indicted for something. It’s not for the worst things he’s done yet, but any indictment, if it happens, would be the beginning of accountability for a long record of lawlessness. Even so, that’s not the main thing I’m writing about this week, because months of speculation means that there’s not much more to be said about a thing that hasn’t happened yet. Give me an indictment to read, and maybe I’ll decide to examine it in more depth.

So what am I writing about this week? Two things:

  • The bizarre federal court in Amarillo that is wired for outrageous conservative lawsuits, and how it might soon issue an injunction banning one of the two main abortion drugs nationwide.
  • How a viral interview started a discussion about the meaning of “woke”.

The first featured post is ready to go and should be out by 9 EST. The second still needs a lot of work, but I predict it gets out by 11.

The weekly summary will discuss the looming Trump indictment, the perils Ron DeSantis faces as his candidacy stops being an idea and starts to become real, the ICC’s arrest warrant for Putin, Texas taking over Houston’s schools, and a few other things. Let’s guess it shows up a little after noon.

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