The Monday Morning Teaser

This week’s big story has been the Herschel-Walker-paid-for-an-abortion scandal. In the old days, before Trump and “grab them by the pussy”, the central question would be whether the accusation was true. But today, the question is whether anyone will care. If every election is a national contest between parties, why should the morality or character of individual candidates matter?

The featured post this week will look at the Walker scandal, what it says about the changes in American politics, and whether it’s really true that nothing matters but party. That should post between 10 and 11 EST.

The weekly summary will cover the significance of Ukraine’s attack on the Kerch Strait Bridge, OPEC’s decision to back Putin rather than the West, some developments in the Trump investigations, how key Senate races are going, Biden’s marijuana pardons, why Jewish women are suing to block abortion bans, why more Republicans than Democrats are dying of Covid, and a few other things. I’m running a little behind today, so the summary may not appear until 1 or so.

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