The Monday Morning Teaser

A few weeks ago, John Roberts defended the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, claiming “Simply because people disagree with opinions, is not a basis for questioning the legitimacy of the court.”

It’s noteworthy that Roberts feels the Court’s legitimacy needs defending, but the reasons it needs defending aren’t just that its recent decisions are unpopular. The public has started looking at the justices as politicians with agendas, because that’s what are. I’ll discuss that in this week’s featured post, which is currently titled “The Court’s problems run deeper than Roe.” It should post between 9 and 10 EDT.

The weekly summary covers Donald Trump’s very bad week, which I refuse to devote another featured post to. Also his buddy Vladimir Putin’s doubling down on his Ukraine gamble. (An interesting part of that note: the bizarre take on that war that conservative American media is putting out.) Then we have hurricanes, digging deeper into the fly-refugees-to-Martha’s-Vineyard episode, unrest in Iran, and a few other things, before closing with a Rodgers and Hammerstein interpretation of Rosh Hashanah. I’ll try to get that out by noon.

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