The Monday Morning Teaser

This week we were all talking about a girl whose name none of us know: the pregnant 10-year-old who was denied an abortion in Ohio and had to go to Indiana. Maybe years from now she’ll decide to tell her story, but until then I hope we never know her name.

She was significant because she became a symbol of the fact that abortion decisions are not as simple as the Mike Pences and Kristi Noems would have you believe. Each story of a woman or girl who is pregnant but doesn’t want to become a mother is unique. Any one-size-fits-all decision made by a legislature is going to lead to outcomes we can all recognize as wrong — like forcing a 10-year-old to carry her rapist’s baby.

The aspect of the story most interesting to me, though, was watching how right-wing media handled the story, because the girl’s existence called into question one of the false assumptions central to the right-wing narrative: Right and Wrong are simple concepts, and it’s easy to draw the line between them.

For that reason, the story had to be short-circuited somehow: swept under the rug, denied, or diverted into some other story. That’s what I examine in the featured post “No Victims Allowed”, which should be out shortly.

The weekly summary will cover new developments in the 1-6 hearings and related investigations, the new Covid surge, the Uvalde shooting report, the continuing aftershocks of the Court’s reversal of Roe, and a few other things, before closing with some of the most spectacular photos ever, courtesy of the James Webb space telescope. That should be out noonish, EDT.

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