The Monday Morning Teaser

It’s been another week with too much news: the Highland Park shooting; the Abe assassination; Boris Johnson resigning, sort of; wondering what Pat Cipollone told the 1-6 Committee; Georgia handing out subpoenas to Trump’s people; states racing to take away women’s rights, now that they’re allowed to; a surprisingly good June jobs report; and probably a bunch of stuff I’ve forgotten.

I’ll do my best to cover it in the weekly summary. This week’s featured post is short: I use the Highland Park shooting as an example of how our inability to enforce sensible rules makes us less free. Yes, you can easily walk into a store and buy an AR-15. But what you can’t do is take your kids to a Fourth of July parade without regularly glancing up at the rooftops and planning your escape route in case all hell breaks loose. That’s not freedom.

The featured post should be out shortly. The weekly summary should take until noon or so EDT.

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