The Monday Morning Teaser

I just checked CNN, and the Ukraine invasion seems not to have started yet. That seems to be where we’ve gotten to.

A standing principle of the Sift is that a weekly blog can’t do breaking news, so I don’t try. I wish I had something deeply insightful to tell you about this situation, but I really don’t.

Instead, this week I’m taking a step back to try for a wider view of the Critical Race Theory, Don’t Say Gay, and book-banning controversies. Following a hint I gleaned from one of those helpful-conservative articles about what Democrats should do next, this week’s featured article takes a speculative leap: What if the long-term goal is to abolish the public schools?

That post should appear between 9 and 10 EST.

The weekly summary does indeed say a few things about Ukraine, but I don’t try to give the topic the coverage it deserves. In addition I cover Trump’s really bad week, the phony Hillary-spying story, the decline of political comedy, the end of the Olympics, and a few other things, before closing with a video of some guy who watched way too much curling. That should be out around noon.

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