The Monday Morning Teaser

An eventful week: Build Back Better looks dead. The Mark Meadows text messages show that major conservative voices were panicking in private on January 6 while they publicly said something very different. Omicron is spreading. Central banks are starting to respond to inflation. The NYT exposes what the Pentagon knew about the civilian casualties from its bombing raids. And the War on Christmas enters its 17th grim year.

The featured post isn’t about any of that. A conservative article in Atlantic got under my skin, and I tried to figure out why. That led to “The Emotional Roots of Political Polarization”, which should be out between 9 and 10 EST.

The weekly summary does cover the stuff I mentioned above, and also promotes an article calling for “platform socialism” as a solution to the problem of Big Tech monopolies. I haven’t decided whether I agree, but I do want to widen the range of debate on this issue. Then the summary closes with Stephen Colbert’s Lord of the Rings rap. That should appear before noon.

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