The Monday Morning Teaser

These last two weeks saw two significant developments: The Omicron variant of Covid was announced, and the Supreme Court heard arguments on a case it might use to overturn Roe v Wade.

The featured post will focus on Roe. In particular, I went back to read Roe, which impressed me more than I expected. Justice Blackmun wrote an excellent discussion of the issue, and anticipated many of the criticisms that people are making today. I’ll also comment on the extensive gaslighting by the conservative justices, which started in their confirmation hearings and continues to the present.

That post “The Roe v Wade Death Watch” should be out a little after 10 EST.

The weekly summary will cover what little we know about Omicron and how uncertainly we know it. I’ll also discuss the Michigan school shooting, and go back to comment on the Arbery and Rittenhouse verdicts. In other news: Bob Dole died. Congress managed to fund the government until February, but there’s still a debt ceiling crisis scheduled for later this month. Chris Cuomo got fired. A Russia/Ukraine crisis is brewing. And a few other things. I’ll try to get that out around noon or so.

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