The Monday Morning Teaser

It has been an eventful week: Kyle Rittenhouse went free, the House passed Build Back Better, Paul Gosar was censured, and the fall Covid surge continued.

I’ll talk about all that in the weekly summary, but I have little to add to what you’re probably already seeing. (I am deeply disturbed by the implications of the Rittenhouse trial, for example, but for reasons you have probably already thought of.) So this week’s featured post is a book review: David Neiwert’s study of conspiracy theories Red Pill, Blue Pill. That should be out a little after 10 EST.

The summary includes the topics listed above, plus David Roberts’ don’t-panic response to the Glasgow COP meeting on climate change, Beau’s advice on convincing your parents to get vaccinated, a Florida restaurant chain’s ingenious solution to a labor shortage (pay more), and a few other things. I’ll try to get that out a little after noon.

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