The Monday Morning Teaser

I’m still deciding which of the weekly summary notes will get spun off into their own posts. There will definitely be at least one featured post, “Trump’s Next Coup”, which looks at the Trumpist chatter about him being “reinstated” in August. Trump incited the January 6 riot by encouraging his followers to believe the election could be reversed on that day, and then giving them the assignment to go do it. He never specifically told them to do anything illegal, but there was no legal method to do what he wanted. The same thing is happening now: There is no legal way to reinstate Trump in August, but he’s raising that expectation.

The other notes that are straining for more space concern Manchin’s announcement that he won’t support the For the People Act, and the implication — which I believe but he doesn’t — that there will be no federal defense of voting rights at all. Also, Biden’s Tulsa speech, and the general significance of recognizing how White violence has been erased from the history taught in schools, as well as the impact of such violence on the Black community’s ability to generate and sustain wealth.

With that much in flux, it’s hard to make predictions about what will appear when. The coup article should appear between 10 and 11 EST. Beyond that, I can’t say.

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