The Monday Morning Teaser

Lots to cover this week: Trump’s oddly anti-climactic 4th of July extravaganza, the continuing protests against his concentration camps, the post-debate polls of the race for the Democratic nomination, the increasingly bizarre saga of the census citizenship-question case, and a few other things. I have a book to recommend, and I’ll close with the national anthem played by the Device Orchestra on seven credit card machines.

None of those stories seemed to demand its own article, though, so everything is in the weekly summary this week. It should appear around 11 EDT.

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  • Richard Knudson  On July 8, 2019 at 9:32 am

    I came across a reference to this book on FB. I was able to read the preface and introduction. It’s quite interesting (and a bit discouraging). Have you read it?
    One Nation, Two Realities: Dueling Facts in American Democracy
    Book by David C. Barker and Morgan Marietta

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