The Monday Morning Teaser

With the March for Our Lives behind us and the post-Parkland gun-control moment showing no signs of ending, attacks on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors ratcheted up again. But the kids seem to be up to the challenge, as Laura Ingraham is finding out.

In the featured post this week, I take a step back and connect this set of attacks to previous revictimizations, like Ann Coulter going after the 9-11 widows, the smearing of Trayvon Martin, and the conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook. “Why does the Right hate victims?” should be out by 10 EDT or so.

In the weekly summary, I can’t take my eyes away from the continuing chaos in the White House. I know that’s what they want us paying attention to, rather than the gutting of environmental laws, ICE’s cruel deportations, or a hundred other things of real consequence, but it’s hard not to watch the dumpster fire. I do manage to leave a little space for the attempt to manipulate the census, anti-Semitism in Europe, the police shootings in Sacramento and elsewhere, musings on Easter/April Fools’ Day, and a few other things, before closing with a Food Network article that answers an important question: I’m stuck in the back of Beyond and I’m hungry; what is the quintessential chip-and-dip combo of this region and where can I find it?  I’ll try to get the summary out by noon.

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