The Monday Morning Teaser

It’s been just another week of the Trump administration, with our UN ambassador listing some conditions under which “North Korea will be destroyed.” I’ll lead off this week’s summary by explaining why I don’t think all this sound and fury signifies much: Beyond returning some threats of his own, Kim Jong Un will ignore it, and there’s really not that much the U.S. can do about it.

The big domestic political news was that Bernie Sanders submitted a Medicare for All bill. He’s done this before, but something’s different this time: Every Democratic senator who’s thinking about running for president in 2020 has signed on. I’ll discuss what this means in the featured post “Single Payer Joins the Debate”.  That still needs some work, but I should have it posted before 10 EDT.

The weekly summary will also cover the Equifax breach, negotiations over DACA, the return of Hillary Clinton, and a few other things, before closing with a celebration of the space probe Cassini, which died a hero’s death in Saturn’s atmosphere on Friday. Figure that to be out by noon.

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