The Monday Morning Teaser

Don Jr. suddenly becoming a center of scandalous attention made me wonder: What kind of life wisdom does someone like Trump try to pass on to his children? And then I thought of Kipling’s classic poem “If” … and I knew what I had to do.

If you can duck the blame when all about you
have seen with their own eyes that it was you;

… and so on for four stanzas. You may remember my “Casey at the Bat” parody “Donnie in the Room” about TrumpCare — it’s like that.

Anyway, that’s the featured post this week: “Fatherly Advice to Eric and Don Jr.”, which should post around 9 EDT. Like Kipling, I’m focusing on the boys; probably he gave slightly different advice to Ivanka. Maybe some other time. (BTW: I have a hunch this one could go viral. You could help it along by sharing it on social media.)

The week’s three misunderstood things are: why counting people is a partisan issue, the economic impact of environmental regulations, and what happened to the coal-mining jobs. That should appear between 10 and 11.

The weekly summary covers the once-again apparent demise of TrumpCare, the possibility that Trump would rather have a constitutional crisis than an investigation of his finances, John McCain’s brain cancer, Trump setting up to break the Iran nuclear deal, Poland takes a pause on its road to autocracy, and Trump appoints two more people to undermine government science, before closing with Stephen Colbert getting how-to-be-an-oligarch lessons from Mikhail Prokhorov. That should post before noon.

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  • Lydia Spitzer  On July 24, 2017 at 9:52 am

    As one who grew up fairly steeped in the consumption, production and parodying of light verse, I salute your masterful creation with delight!

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