The Monday Morning Teaser

By tradition, the last Sift of the year is “The Yearly Sift”, where I look back on what I’ve been writing and pick out the larger themes. Typically, that’s an enjoyable exercise for me, but not this year — not only because the year ended in the disaster of Donald Trump forming his administration, but because all year I was wrong about whether that was going to happen.

So the theme of the year is “The Year of This-can’t-be-happening”. The post on that theme will pull together everything I wrote during the year trying to understand or argue with Trump supporters. It should be out by 8:30 or so EST.

“The Yearly Sift” itself should be out shortly afterward, since all I have to do is check that the links work. It will look at a few less prominent themes: the decline of truth as a political value, the Bernie/Hillary split in the Democratic Party, the decline of the norms of democracy, and race/privilege.

The annual page collecting the year’s opening quotes is up already.

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