The Monday Morning Teaser

You know who the most intriguing character of the 2016 election cycle is? To me, it’s not Donald Trump, it’s the voter who identifies with him and sticks by him no matter what he says or does. Who are these people? What could they possibly be thinking? What do they want? If Trump loses, do his enthusiastic crowds dissipate like smoke, or do they go to somebody else (maybe somebody worse) in 2020?

A lot of interesting work has been done on who they are and what motivates them. Some of it is statistical, locating them demographically and socio-economically, and some is personal, involving years of deep listening (starting before they realized they were Trump voters) to grasp their worldview and the sources of their frustration. The featured post, “Trump Voters: Where they’re coming from, where they’re going”, collects and summarizes what is known, and ruminates on what progressives should do with this knowledge. That’s just about done and should be out around 8 EDT.

The weekly summary discusses the tightening polls, the media’s strange fascination with “raising questions” about Clinton but not Trump, the continuing debate about Colin Kaepernick and the national anthem, the North Dakota pipeline protests, good trends in teen pregnancies, how odd a storm Hermine is, and some other things, before closing with a lesson in the importance of correct spelling. It should be out around 11.

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