The Monday Morning Teaser

A couple of months ago, who thought we’d be here? The Republicans seem to be uniting around Donald Trump, months ahead of what was supposed to be a party-destroying convention. Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats who seem unable to put aside their differences, and the ugliness at the Nevada state convention seems to presage an ugly national convention in Philadelphia.

Rachel Maddow used to do “Talk Me Down” segments, where she’d vent whatever fear she was feeling about some negative scenario, then bring on an expert to explain why things probably wouldn’t turn out that badly. I don’t have a stable of experts to consult, so I largely have to play both roles, but I think the format is appropriate here. This week’s featured post is “Fears of Democratic Disunity: talking myself down”. It should be out by 9 EDT or so.

The weekly summary briefly mentions EgyptAir 804, which I’m sure you’re hearing plenty about already, then goes into the meaninglessness of Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees, before finding informative links about the important stories that are getting buried under all the political coverage: Brexit, Brazilian impeachment, Zika, and Puerto Rico. Then I close with the Boston’s hidden sidewalk poetry, which only appears when it rains.

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