The Monday Morning Teaser

Lots of news this week: Brussels, Cuba, the continuing presidential campaign, and so forth. But the featured post is about none of them. (My thinking about terrorism hasn’t changed since “Terrorist Strategy 101“, and I’m resisting the temptation to turn the Sift into a stop-Trump blog. My opinion of Trump is already out there in “Trump is an opportunistic infection“, “Peak Drumpf” and last week’s “Tick, Tick, Tick … the Augustus Countdown Continues“.) Instead, the featured post will be “Buying Back American Democracy”, about the campaign reform legislation that is still possible after Citizen’s United — immediately, without a constitutional amendment.

Some backstory about that: The weekend before the New Hampshire primary, I had the good fortune to be among the handful of people sitting around two tables at a Manchester coffee shop, listening to Rep. John Sarbanes of Maryland and my congresswoman (Rep. Annie Kuster) talk about Sarbanes’ proposed Government By the People Act. I thought at the time that more people should know about this, but week after week my planned article got nosed out by more time-sensitive pieces. So this week I decided to ignore the breaking news and finally post it. Look for it sometime before 9 EST.

And rest assured, the weekly summary does wade into the news, before closing with Ireland giving America a tough girl-to-girl talk about that bad boyfriend she’s been hanging around with lately.

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