The Monday Morning Teaser

So Judge Scalia is dead. I’m titling this week’s summary “Bells” in honor of my two conflicting impulses: John Donne’s “it tolls for thee” and the Munchkins’ “Ding-dong, the witch is dead.”

The featured article this week is “Back to Ferguson”, discussing the inability of Ferguson and the Justice Department to reach an agreement about police reforms, which caused Justice to take the case to court this week. That may sound like a local issue, but the larger implications of herding poor people into financially shaky municipalities — and then cutting corners to try to make it work — apply to Flint and lots of other American communities.

My discussion of Scalia’s death and its political implications is long enough that I probably ought to break it out into a separate article, but it has the chatty this-and-that style more typical of the summaries, so I’m leaving it there. Also in the summary: the Malheur occupation is finally over, with a complete government victory; Darwin’s birthday has me doing my annual look at the Creation/Evolution argument; Billy Graham’s son is touring the country to motivate evangelical political engagement — apparently he thinks the “great sin” of same-sex marriage threatens America’s place in God’s favor, while slavery and genocide didn’t; and I’ll close with an apparently serious discussion of the role of the Illuminati in past Super Bowl halftime shows. How did I miss the Luciferian implications of Katy Perry?

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  • Anonymous  On March 1, 2016 at 12:31 am

    Thank you for posting about the upcoming presidential election. I have found your posts about Trump very informative. Please continue to post up to date news on the poles.

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