The Monday Morning Teaser

At long last, somebody is finally going to vote. The Iowa Caucuses are tonight, and the New Hampshire Primary is a week from tomorrow.

And I still don’t know who I’m voting for. In this week’s featured post, I’ll take you through my thinking — and make a plea for mutual understanding. It’s amazing how much hostility both Sanders and Clinton supporters are tossing at people who are slow to join them.

That should be out soon.

The weekly summary will cover other odds and ends from the presidential race (including the Republican side, which the featured post doesn’t deal with at all), note that switching back to the original water source hasn’t ended the Flint crisis, express gratitude that the authorities finally made a move against the Oregon occupation, and link to some other interesting stuff.

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  • Jeffrey E. Salzberg  On February 1, 2016 at 8:31 am

    Re: the vitriol coming from both camps.

    It’s true that there is abuse coming from supporters of both candidates, but leaving it at that is a lie by omission; there are many more personal attacks on Clinton than there are on Sanders.

    Like the author, I have not yet decided for whom I’ll vote in the primary (but I damned sure know how I’m voting in November — “No matter who…vote blue), but if I vote for Bernie, it will be in spite of some of his supporters.

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