The Monday Morning Teaser

At 5 a.m. I realized that the hardest clock to reset is my body’s. Oh well, early start.

In this week’s featured post, I’ll try to explain why we say “Black lives matter” rather than “All lives matter” by making an analogy to one of Jesus’ most famous parables. I call it “Samaritan Lives Matter”, and I hope readers will use it to start conversations with their conservative Christian friends. It’s almost done, so it should be out before too long.

The weekly summary has a lot to cover. It looks like we’re going to have ground troops in Syria after all, which I’m not happy about. But on the positive side, we’ve got a budget-and-debt-ceiling deal that could end Congressional hostage-taking for the rest of the Obama presidency. The third Republican debate turned into a whine-fest about the “liberal” media and its “gotcha” questions. (Have they ever watched CNBC? It’s not liberal.) WHO’s announcement about processed meat causing cancer got sensationalized; I’ll try to put it in better perspective. There was another highly-publicized example of police violence against unarmed black people, this time against a girl sitting in a desk in a classroom. And a bunch of other stuff. Expect to see that before noon, or maybe 11 since I’m up already.

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