The Monday Morning Teaser

You knew, once it was clear that Hillary was in the race, that there’d be new attempts to raise some kind of scandal. Bill’s administration seldom went more than a few months without somebody attempting to make a scandal out of something: Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster … there was always something. Monica Lewinsky was the scandal that finally stuck, but that came after years of throwing mud at the wall.

This week’s featured post looks at the new book Clinton Cash and the wannabee scandal that the NYT picked up from it this week. It just needs a proofreading, so it should be out within the hour.

The week provides a lot of other stuff to talk about: Earth Day, a drone mistake, Obama vs. Warren on the trade deal, and the ongoing spectacle of presidential candidates courting billionaires rather than voters. I didn’t have time or space to give those topics the treatment they deserve, so I’ll be pointing you to other people’s stuff.

And this week I ran across some fascinating articles not directly related to the headlines: a well-designed poll revealed the complexity of the public’s feelings about abortion, and somebody red-penciled Bobby Jindal’s op-ed on gay marriage marriage equality and religious freedom discrimination to make it more accurate. Plus there’s some fun stuff: what you’d get if a Segway had sex with a unicycle, and what toddlers really do when they’re left alone in the back yard.

I’m not sure how long it will take to get all that together. Certainly by noon, maybe sooner.


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