The Monday Morning Teaser

I’ve been wondering when to start talking about 2016. Lots of pundits started before all the 2014 votes were counted, which seemed a little early to me. But Ted Cruz has officially announced his candidacy, and other unannounced candidates are finding reasons to meet with voters here in New Hampshire, so I guess it’s on.

With Elizabeth Warren still insisting she won’t run, I’m still not seeing any Democratic threat to Hillary. But I’m not buying the Jeb-is-inevitable talk on the Republican side, so I expect some fireworks there. I can’t predict who will prevail — maybe Jeb, maybe not — but I can describe a little about how the decision process will play out, building on the model of the GOP I constructed for the 2012 campaign in “The Four Flavors of Republican“. I’ll lay that out in this week’s featured post “2016: Understanding the Republican Process”, which should be out around nine or so.

The weekly summary discusses (what else?) Indiana’s new right-to-discriminate law, which as far as I can see has nothing to do with religious freedom. I make fun of CNN’s ghoulish 24/7 coverage of yet another air disaster and Fox’s nearly-as-total focus on Bowe Bergdahl. Meanwhile, Yemen has a civil war nobody can win; ObamaCare turns five; Harry Reid announces his retirement; and an inattentive Celtics fan loses his girlfriend to the Bulls mascot.

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