The Monday Morning Teaser

The featured article this week is about Ferguson. The feds released two reports based on their investigations — one about the Michael Brown shooting and another about the general state of policing in Ferguson. The short version: Darren Wilson gets off but the FPD doesn’t.

My conclusion after reading both is that overall this is a good ending to a tragic story. The point of the Ferguson protests was never just the Brown shooting; the Brown shooting was supposed to be an egregious example of a larger problem.

In the weekly summary: The Selma anniversary. Was Netanyahu right about Iran? New hope in the ObamaCare case before the Supreme Court. And some dogs in very deep snow.

I’m still on the road and my internet connection is acting flaky this morning, so I hesitate to make predictions about when either post will appear.

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  • Roger Green  On March 9, 2015 at 8:32 am

    well, I think you’re right about Wilson/Brown and the Ferguson PD. Look forward, whenever…

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