The Monday Morning Teaser

Tuesday, two judges in the D. C. appeals court tried to sabotage ObamaCare by ruling that people in 36 states aren’t eligible for the subsidies. This week’s first featured article will explain why they said that, why four other judges of equal rank disagreed, and why I don’t think this is going to bring ObamaCare down. Truthfully, this unending series of crises is getting kind of old. It might make more sense to write an article some week when there isn’t a new plot to destroy ObamaCare. That would be news.

The other featured article will look at Paul Ryan’s sketch of a new approach to fighting poverty. Ryan is reminding me of what “compassionate conservatism” really means: It’s how a compassionate person would react if s/he lived in the strange alternate universe described by conservative rhetoric. So yes, if the poverty problem were mainly the result of poor people (through laziness or some other character flaw) failing to take advantage of the marvelous opportunities provided by our perfect capitalist system, then this would be a wonderful plan.

Otherwise, most of the stuff that was happening last week is still happening: the invasion of Gaza, the government wondering where to put the Central American refugee kids, the Russia/Ukraine problem, the dysfunctionality of Congress, and so forth. However, as of yesterday it looked like Democrats and Republicans had agreed on a plan to reform the Veterans Administration which could pass before Congress’ August vacation, though no one is saying what’s in it until a press conference later today.

I’m aiming to have the article on the ObamaCare ruling out by 10 and the Ryan plan by 11, with the weekly summary posting around noon. All times EDT.

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