The Monday Morning Teaser

It’s a Democratic president’s second term and there’s a Republican House, so of course it’s time to talk about impeachment. But first there will be a warm-up, the House’s lawsuit against the President for not enforcing the Affordable Care Act fast enough, which John Boehner hopes will keep the Republican base satisfied until after the fall elections. Sarah Palin, though, has other ideas.

I’ll examine all that — along with the importance of sounding specific but staying vague in right-wing rhetoric — in this week’s featured article, “Boehner’s Lawsuit and Palin’s 25 Impeachable Offenses”. Beyond that, a lot has been going on: the refugee-kids-at-the-border crisis, new skirmishing between Israel and Gaza, a religion professor’s fascinating response to the Hobby Lobby decision, and the dramatic return of Todd (Legitimate Rape) Akin, who now says the only thing he did wrong was apologize. (We missed you, Todd. Please make as many public appearances as possible between now and the election. If possible, could you concentrate on states where Democratic women have close Senate races?)

I’m aiming to have the lawsuit/impeachment article out by ten (EDT), and the weekly summary, “The Other Guys”, by noon.


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