The Monday Morning Teaser

It’s another week where my word-limit target is laughing at me.

Last week I had only a couple sentences about the Isla Vista murders. This week the #YesAllWomen hashtag exploded on Twitter, and blogging world seems divided between those who comment on it and those who don’t dare. For the last few days I’ve been pulling together the best ideas I’ve seen on the topic and trying to add a little of my own.

Simultaneously, I’ve been trying to answer a reader’s question: If you have only a limited amount of energy/money/attention to spend on the 2014 elections, would races should you focus on? That’s not a quickly covered topic either.

So both articles will post today, and the idea of keeping the Sift down to 3500 words a week will have to just stand aside. “#YesAllWomen and the Continuum of Aggression” will come out first, probably before too long, and “How the Fall Elections Are Shaping Up for Democrats” will follow later this morning. In general, I try to get the weekly summary out by noon (NH time). We’ll see if that happens this week.

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