The Monday Morning Teaser

The Sift is back. During the last two weeks I kept running into people depressed by the Supreme Court’s McCutcheon decision, which blew up another chunk of the campaign finance laws. When I read the decision, and pieces of the Buckley decision from 1976 that it is supposedly based on (but actually reverses), what struck me is that this is exactly what conservatives had always (unfairly, I believe) accused liberal justices of doing: judicial activism, ruling the way you want regardless of the law and the history of its interpretation. So one of this week’s featured articles is “This Is What Judicial Activism Looks Like”.

The other featured article looks at Brendan Eich’s resignation-under-fire from Mozilla, and the media criticism of the “liberal fascists” or “gay mafia” who drove him out. I find this kind of talk overblown, but it does raise the question: when should we refuse to deal with someone because of his political views? I’ll talk about that in “Who Is Beyond the Pale?”

A lot of stuff has been happening these last two weeks, which I’ll link to in the weekly summary: ObamaCare exceeded its sign-up projections, allowing Kathleen Sebelius to ride into the sunset. The Ukraine and Russia keep doing a war dance. Equal Pay Day drew attention to the continuing gap between male and female earnings. The House passed yet another version of the Ryan budget, cutting programs for the poor in order to give tax cuts to rich people. The Heartbleed bug was revealed. And CBS announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman when Letterman retires.

I’m battling a cold today, so it’s not clear how many breaks I’ll have to take. The Eich article is more-or-less done and should appear shortly. No predictions about the Supreme Court article or the weekly summary.

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