The Monday Morning Teaser

For some reason I’ve felt unusually snarky this week, so both of this week’s featured articles will have a high snark quotient.

The first one is pretty much done, so it should appear in just a few minutes. All week, I kept running into over-the-top quotes: Mike Huckabee claiming he was fighting a “war for women” to protect them from the “insult” of insurance-covered contraception, that Shark Tank guy saying it was “fantastic news” that the world’s 85 richest individuals have as much money as the bottom 3.5 billion people do, the Family Research Council guy blaming the campus sexual assault problem on Sandra Fluke, and so on. I was despairing for my gender when I finally found evidence that women are crazy too: A Republican candidate for Congress blamed dementia and autism on same-sex marriage. (“God is angry.”)

Finally I decided you just have to laugh, so I collected it all in “One Week’s Worth of Crazy”. I use two phrases (Google says I didn’t coin them) that I hope catch on: God’s ventriloquists for people who keep putting their ridiculous words into God’s mouth, and guillotine bait for rich people displaying let-them-eat-cake cluelessness.

My second snarky piece is “The Fall of Governor Ultrasound”. I read the 14-count Bob McDonnell indictment, and now believe the federal indictment is a literary form of unappreciated potential.

As usual, I’m going to try to get the weekly summary out by noon.

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