The Monday Morning Teaser

Late start today. (Last night I stayed up to finish The Goldfinch, which is a fabulous novel.)

This week’s featured article will be a review of Michael Kimmel’s book Angry White Men. What do school shootings, talk radio, the Tea Party, the men’s-rights movement, domestic violence, and workers going postal all have in common? Angry white men. We’re not used to grouping those events together, so we hardly ever ask the question: What makes white men so angry, and what can be done about it?

Central to Kimmel’s thesis is a concept that is a close relative of my notion of privileged distress: aggrieved entitlement.

The weekly summary focuses on the NYT’s revelations about Benghazi, the debate over unemployment insurance, new laws that kicked in on January 1, Israel/Palestine, Esquire’s critical examination of the author of Proof of Heaven, and a few other things.

I expect everything to come out about an hour later than usual. I blame Donna Tartt.

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