The Monday Morning Teaser

OK, I’m back now. I had a wonderful trip back to my hometown, where I gave this talk. Sorry I neglected to announce in advance that I was canceling the October 21 Sift.

This week, there’s still a lot of shutdown-aftermath to sift through. In particular, since everything played out so precisely as the Tea Party’s critics said it would, we’re left with the question: Why did they do it? As events were unfolding, you could imagine that Cruz & Company were planning some master-stroke that the rest of us just didn’t see coming. But they turned out to have nothing. So what were they thinking?

That’s one of this week’s articles. (I still haven’t titled it.) The other is “A State-by-State Update on Voter Suppression”. In one Republican-controlled state after another, voting is getting harder and harder. And then The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi got a North Carolina Republican to explain why.

The weekly summary also covers the uproar about, the future-of-journalism dialog between Glenn Greenwald and the NYT’s Bill Keller, the strange case of a Wisconsin woman imprisoned for the sake of her fetus, plus a few other things.

The voter suppression article will come out first, then the Tea Party article, then the weekly summary.

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