The Monday Morning Teaser

I don’t think you need me to tell you that the government is still shut down and we’re getting scarily close to the debt ceiling. Nonetheless, I think there’s some value in trying to sort out where the situation stands. I’ll do that in the weekly summary.

When things do start to happen, they’ll probably happen fast. And those last-second flurries of activity are when bad ideas are most likely to find their way into law. So for one particularly bad idea I’ve decided to get my protest in now, before it’s a done deal. The featured article this week will be: “Don’t Means-Test Medicare”. It should come out shortly. The thesis is simple: If you want to destroy a government service, the first thing you do is get the rich people out of it.

The rest of the weekly summary (called “Apocalyptic Methods” after a lead-in quote from Apocalypse Now) will include

  • a report Democracy Corps wrote after doing focus-groups of like-minded Republicans. It’s fascinating inside-the-locker-room talk that most liberals never hear.
  • reviewing the facts about the growth of government under Obama: spending is flat, the deficit is shrinking, and the number of government employees is down sharply. This comes as a surprise to most people, which tells you something about media bias: If the media were biased in one direction, you’d expect them to create popular misconceptions that slanted that way. So the popular misconceptions about the growth of government point to a conservative media bias.
  • the hilarious story of the Ride for the Constitution, a protest where ten thousand truckers were going to shut down the D.C. beltway all last weekend, demanding the arrest of liberal politicians who have violated their oath of office. It was going to be America’s “Egypt moment”, and millions of people around the country were going to join the protest in all sorts of ways. In reality, about 30 trucks showed up and rode around the beltway for a while, disturbing no one. Conservatives saw the lack of coverage (except for Fox, or course) as more evidence of liberal media bias; I guess because they think Anderson Cooper shows up whenever 30 liberals get together to protest something.
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