The Monday Morning Teaser

I’m back. I know I just missed one week, but it seems like I haven’t done a Sift in forever.

In an hour or so I’ll post this week’s featured article “How Republican Congressmen Spent Their Summer Vacation”, which is more-or-less a follow-up to “Chaos in Congress” from three weeks ago. The conservative base wants to see their representatives do a Charge of the Light Brigade against ObamaCare, and the politicians are (understandably) reluctant. That led to some bizarre townhall meetings, where the congressmen tried to distract the base by talking crazy about impeachment, Obama’s birth certificate, and other stuff that doesn’t lead to an immediate on-the-record vote.

I want to do a long article that summarizes what we now know about the NSA’s domestic spying, but instead I’ll link to somebody else’s summary and push my own off to next week. My word limit got taken up by more timely stories that each needed 3-5 paragraphs in the weekly summary: the “I Have a Dream” anniversary, Egypt and Syria, Russia’s anti-gay laws, Bradley/Chelsea Manning, and the New Mexico Supreme Court outraging the religious right by refusing to overlook the words “sexual orientation” in the New Mexico Human Rights Act. (It’s still up in the air whether that will break off into a second featured article.)

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