The Monday Morning Teaser

Welcome to any new readers who are checking out the Sift because they liked last week’s featured post “Religious Freedom” means Christian Passive-Aggressive Domination, which is now the sixth most popular post since the blog moved to two years ago. Posts appear on this blog every Monday between mid-morning and early afternoon (New Hampshire time).

This week will have two featured posts: “If You Want to Succeed, Start Failing” begins with the women’s-rights protests in Texas and Moral Monday protests in North Carolina — neither of which can prevail in the short term over Republican majorities in the legislature — and explains why this kind of spitting-into-the-prevailing-wind is the only way the wind ever changes. I’ll close by listing some doomed proposals that progressives should put more energy into.

“The Myth of the Zombie Voter” is one to email to your conservative friends who are sure dead people are voting, because they’ve heard reputable-sounding state officials tell them so on Fox News. Eighteen months ago, the South Carolina attorney general was making the tour of conservative media outlets with a claim that he had found 953 zombie voters in his state. But Columbia, S.C.’s Free Times did the follow-up Fox never does, and got hold of the state police investigation of that list. Let’s just say it returned the zombies to their graves.

This week’s summary post will discuss the Zimmerman verdict and the riots-that-didn’t-happen in response, that strange Iowa case where the state supreme court affirmed an employer’s right to fire a woman for being too attractive, the increasing dysfunction of the House Republican majority and the renewed effort for filibuster reform in the Senate, and yet another push by the Religious Right to use “religious freedom” as an offensive weapon.

“Zombie Voters” is almost ready to go and should be out shortly.

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