The Monday Morning Teaser

The Sift’s featured article this week will be a look at the Religious Right’s fallback position as it loses its ability to dictate the law on issues like same-sex marriage: redefining “religious freedom” to mean that their values should continue to dominate. By cultivating a passive-aggressive hyper-sensitivity to anything they disapprove of, the traditional-values crowd can claim persecution whenever they are forced to recognize that other people have rights.

In the weekly summary, I punt on the Egyptian revolution/coup/civil war because I have no idea what’s really going on. (Wouldn’t you love to hear Wolf Blitzer admit that sometime?) I also punt on the SFO plane crash, because other sources cover breaking news much better than I do. And I’m still ignoring Zimmerman and Snowden for reasons I explained last week.

So what’s left? Well, the NYT’s Pulitzer-winning Eric Lichtblau pulled back the FISA Court’s curtain of secrecy, and what he found should worry you. Also, the National Journal told us about the ransom demands the House Republicans plan to make in the fall, when they take the debt ceiling hostage again. I found both of those stories far more consequential than the Zimmerman trial.

The best patriotic 4th of July clip I found was still a 2002 recitation of the Declaration of Independence led by Morgan Freeman. And there’s some fun stuff going around. I really enjoyed the world map that takes all the place-names back to their roots, so that Panama becomes “Abundance of Fish” and Australia “Land of the South Wind”.


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