The Monday Morning Teaser

Two featured articles this week. First, “Category Error: what’s wrong with the ‘breadwinner mom’ study” focuses on the new Pew Research report that got so much attention — not so much the flap over the crazy reactions to it from the war-on-women types, the report itself. I don’t see what Pew was thinking when it defined the category. The women in it are so diverse that I have a hard time making any true statement about all of them. (For example, they aren’t all breadwinners.) Just about the only thing you can do with the term “breadwinner mom” is turn it into a stereotype; no wonder that’s what pundits did.

The second article “Starve the Corporate Beast” discusses how to keep your money from going through the corporate system by using co-ops, local businesses, and employee-owned businesses. Most of us don’t want to live completely off the grid — I know I don’t — but what simple changes can you make to avoid supporting corporate power?

In the weekly summary, people were talking about Obama’s nefarious scheme to “pack” the D. C. Appeals Court — by nominating people to fill the vacant positions, like the Constitution says a president is supposed to do. Also: the earn-to-give path, where you pursue a high-paying career with the idea of living simply and giving most of the money away.

Other stuff worth your attention: I found a couple interesting interviews. In one, Noam Chomsky talks about anarchism, and in the other theologian Peter Rollins describes how most churches have turned God into yet another idol. (You can tell you’re worshipping an idol, he says, if it gives you certainty and security. In the presence of a real God you feel uncertain and insecure, but you learn to be OK with it.)

The breadwinner-mom article should come out in the next hour or so, and I expect the others to be out by noon, east coast time.

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