The Monday Morning Teaser

This week’s main article “Blow Smoke, Yell Fire” will describe the fizzling of the latest Republican attempts to find or manufacture a scandal they can use to impeach Obama. With the base getting ever-more-radically conservative and the party establishment beginning to realize how suicidal that is, impeaching Obama is the only agenda they can agree on. Now they just need some high crimes and misdemeanors.

In addition to the wannabee scandals, everybody was talking about Angela Jolie’s breasts — everybody except the people who always talk about celebrity breasts. They were strangely silent. Lots of people (in my world, at least) were also talking about the true meaning of Star Trek and whether this new movie gets it or not.

Maybe we should have been talking about filibuster reform, the bold economic experiment happening in Japan, and some fascinating research about how to keep political discussions from polarizing.

I’m moving slowly this morning, so stuff may appear a little later than usual. The main article somewhere between 10 and noon, New Hampshire time, and the weekly summary not long after.

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