The Monday Morning Teaser

The featured article this week will look at the visionary economics of sustainability: How would our whole society have to change if we accepted that each generation had to leave the planet more-or-less as we found it? In other words, what if we aimed not for growth — more and more people consuming more and more stuff and leaving more and more waste behind — but for a steady-state economy whose output was consistently sufficient to support a stable population?

The text for that sermon is a new book by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill, Enough is Enough.

The weekly summary calls attention to: the massive industrial accident in Bangladesh, Jason Collins’ coming out, atmospheric CO2 nearing 400 ppm, and how the Bush Library continues the parade of BS that characterized the Bush administration.

I spent the weekend enjoying Portland, Maine (the best little city in the Northeast) rather than doing my background reading and prep work, so the Sift will come out a little slowly today.

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