The Monday Morning Teaser

After two weeks off, the Weekly Sift is back. This week’s featured article will focus on the conservative pundits who framed the firing of player-abusing Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice as a defeat for “old-fashioned discipline” at the hands of the “liberal media” and “political correctness”.

I too see this as a story about the decline of discipline in America, but I think Sean Hannity is looking at it upside-down: America’s real discipline problem is at the top of the pyramid, not the bottom. Like Mike Rice, our bankers, billionaires, and CEOs are running wild, and their misbehavior mostly goes unpunished, even when it’s criminal. Rice has become one of the rare examples of the success of discipline in America — a person in authority made to face the consequences of his actions.

We’d fix a lot of what’s wrong in America if we could get back to the “old-fashioned discipline” Stan Lee put in the mouth of Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben in 1962: “With great power comes great responsibility.” And accountability. And a higher standard of behavior, not a lower one.

In the weekly summary I’ll review what people have been talking about these last few weeks: what the Supreme Court will do with same-sex marriage, whether this wave of outrage at gun violence will result in any changes, and how seriously we should take the threats coming out of North Korea. Plus, short notes that include what an honest cable company would tell the public.

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