The Monday Morning Teaser

This weekend, every pundit in the world wrote about Paul Ryan. A lot of it was repetitive and some was drivel, but I sifted through it to pull out ten points you need to understand. That article, “I Read About Paul Ryan So You Don’t Have To”, takes up most of this week’s Sift.

A shorter second article looks at a subtle way racism and religious prejudice seep into news coverage: The more we learn more about the guy who murdered six people at the Sikh Temple, the more tangled up he is in white supremacism. And yet the media rarely describes him as a “terrorist”, much less a “white terrorist” or a “Christian terrorist”. But it’s hard to imagine that if a dark-skinned Muslim had shot up a Christian church, he would be portrayed as a “troubled young man”. His connection to radical groups and movements would be central to the story, not symptoms of some underlying mental disorder.

I’m pretty much on schedule this morning, so I hope to get everything posted by noon.

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  • kimsiebert  On August 13, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Someone who called in to the On Point program last week that followed the shootings in Milwaukee made a similar point about racism in law enforcement and media coverage. He said that the FBI and the news were all over the Black Panthers, for example, yet you rarely heard–then or now– anything about surveillance of white domestic terror groups.

    In fact, the specter of threat these days always seems to come from foreign (non-white, non-Christian) sources whereas it seems as though the hate rhetoric in our own country should be a large source of concern.

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