The Monday Morning Teaser

The big article this week started out as a review of Chris Hayes’ The Twilight of the Elites, but turned into a more general piece on institutional failure that I’m calling “In Search of a Universal F***-Up Theory”. Every place where our institutions are failing or disappointing us — in the government, the economy, or even seemingly unconnected areas like religion or sports — you can find a specific explanation that sort of makes sense. But what explains why they’re all failing at once? Hayes’ book is such an across-the-board explanation, but whether you agree with his theory or not, we need a UFT.

It’s still iffy what else I’ll have room for, but I’m working on two other things, one of which will run this week and probably the other next week: a defense of food stamps against the charge that they must be unnecessary because so many of the poor are fat, and the chapter of Leviticus I wish the fundamentalists would quote: Leviticus 25, which establishes the Jubilee Year, cancels debts, and implies a very non-capitalist definition of property. What if people were taking that as seriously as the Leviticus verse that denounces homosexuality?

What was everybody talking about this week? The heat, the Higgs boson, and the political fallout from the ObamaCare decision. And just because you need some cuteness in your life, I’ll link to a video of pandas playing on a slide.

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  • Hugh Nations  On July 9, 2012 at 9:51 am

    If a writer, especially one who is functioning as a journalist or commentator, is going to use personal pronouns and attach his picture to his output, then he ought to slap his name on it, too. Your approach is like emblazoning a vehicle with signs identifying it as a GM product, even putting a picture of GM headquarters on it, but stripping it of all identity as a Chevrolet. It makes no sense at all.

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