Perry and Parody

Rick Perry made campaign history Tuesday with this new ad:

More than 4 million people have watched it on YouTube, where it has generated over 600,000 dislikes for being anti-gay, for outrageously claiming that President Obama is fighting a “war on religion”, and for pretending that a politician needs courage to identify himself with the majority religion.

But “Strong” is so bad it’s good. Sometimes an ad inspires one really funny parody, but I can’t keep track of all the parodies of this one, and before it’s all over they’ll probably rack up even more views than the original.

First, isn’t that the jacket from Brokeback Mountain?

Maybe all Rick needs is a little editing:

I wonder how non-Christians should feel about candidates whose Christian pandering is so extreme. Let’s ask a rabbi:

Better yet, we’ll see what a godless heathen thinks:

Perry is even making some Christians uncomfortable: “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but I make other people ashamed to admit that they’re Christians.”

To correct the misinformation in Perry’s ad, let’s call on a teacher:

There are many, many more parodies, but I think this guy deserves to have the last word:

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