Turn Back


Turn back, O Man.
Forswear thy foolish ways

Clifford Bax (1919)

In this week’s Sift:

  • One Word Turns the Tea Party Around. Want to transform annoying Tea Party rhetoric into motivating Progressive rhetoric? It’s easy: Just replace all occurrences of government with corporations. Who knew that Rand Paul, Ayn Rand, and Ronald Reagan could make so much sense?
  • Building the Rioters of the Future. Pundits tried very hard to stuff the British riots into some simple box: a crime spree, a revolution, bad parenting, mass insanity. When that failed, they proclaimed the violence a great mystery. But is it really so hard to understand why people with little to lose would loot or burn?
  • After Wisconsin. Tuesday, Wisconsin Democrats picked up two seats in staunch Republican districts, but fell short of re-taking the state senate. So was that a win or a loss? And now we move on to Ohio.
  • Noah’s Dinosaurs and other short notes. Should a Bible theme park get tax breaks? Is it OK for a county board to begin its meetings by praying to Jesus? How the Republican 2012 field looks after the Ames Straw poll. Global warming in one graphic. Mitt Romney embraces corporate personhood, and the DNC strikes back. What countries are still AAA? Socialist ones, mostly.
  • Last week’s most popular post. Voter Suppression 101 had 464 views at last count. Last week’s most-clicked link backed up my claim (in Voter Suppression) that the League of Women Voters has stopped registering voters in Florida in response to a voter-suppression law there.
  • This Week’s Challenge is only a little self-serving: Figure out how you can draw more attention to the kinds of things you like. If you’ve mostly been a passive user of social media, figure out how to Like or Link or Retweet. Or sign up at Reddit or Digg or StumbleUpon and start trying to influence the wisdom of crowds.
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  • andrew  On August 15, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    just wanted to say I am really enjoying your write ups! keep up the good work!

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